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Better software testing, better results

Improve your software performance and make life easier.

✓ Identify software problem areas.
✓ Implement solutions on a case-by-case analysis.
✓ Continually improve your software automatically.

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Automated software testing experts since 2002

We set up automated software tests that solve costly errors

Whether prior to market launch or with software already in production, we can help you detect errors and inefficiencies that hinder high performance and provide an action plan to solve them.

Better software means…

✓ Higher team morale.
✓ Reduced threat of product recalls.
✓ Not having your
boss breathing down your neck.



Helping you implement accountability

Are you struggling with accountability when it comes to your software and software processes?

We can help you establish accountability and eliminate the silly mistakes that cause major financial headaches.


✓ Improve communication and understanding at all levels.
✓ Monitor software development and provide key metrics.
✓ Increase team morale.

Featured interview

Changing the paradigm
of software testing

V-Cubed Solutions General Manager, Michael Mann, was interviewed by Embedded Advisor to provide his thoughts on where automated software testing is heading and how V-cubed Solutions has developed scalable, specific solutions on a per industry basis.


Automated software solutions that inspect and optimize program code 

Every organization is unique, that is why we built one of the most flexible solutions in the industry.

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Learn more about each solution



Source Code Based
Verification Solutions



Model Based Development Verification Solutions



Software Quality Measurement Solutions



Interface Testing Solutions



Software Security Verification




Stress less with tried and tested software code. 


More clarity

Implementing our first-class automated code inspections enables you to continuously detect program bugs and execute solutions.


More confidence

Our independent verification and validation services lead to improved software inspections and confidence when delivering your products.


More upsides

Minimizing defects and wasted overhead will help you drive a leaner, more efficient business that will make your team and boss happier.

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Industry specific software testing

We implement industry specific best practices to tackle industry problems head on.

Each industry has unique requirements (static analysis, unit development, integration testing) that necessitate different methods of software development and testing. We provide specialized tools for each industry based on our domain expertise.

Our research department is continuing to perform R&D to not only maintain this high level of performance, but also to continue developing and supplying products that keep our customers’ software running smoothly, efficiently, and error-free.



- Automotive

- Defense / Aerospace

- Finance

- Nuclear Power Plants

- Railways

- Solution R&D