4 Practical Business Benefits of Automated Software Testing

There are plenty of opinions on both sides of the manual vs automatic software testing argument. Many points are valid, depending on the requirements for your software, but there are powerful reasons why more industries are turning to automated testing to meet their business goals. 

It runs 24/7

Timezones, fatigue, labor laws don’t stand in the way of tests running around the clock. 

A human sitting in front of a computer, parsing app screens, line-by-line, testing different inputs and patterns is manual software testing. But, people can’t work like robots; they make mistakes, have bad days, and miss details. The number of bugs caught by automated testing increases - which is ultimately good for the end product and subsequently, the end-user.

Faster bug detection

Running automatic software tests brings potential issues to the forefront sooner; early detection can save money, time and increase development efficiencies. This gives developers a longer runway to design solutions. Automated testing can cast a wider, deeper scope when scanning for bugs and it can easily perform thousands of unique, complex tests. A human could never be capable of performing such tests. Manual testing makes it almost impossible to gather reliable regression results.  

Automated test scripts are super useful

Reduce, reuse, recycle isn’t just for plastic bottles anymore. Automated test scripts can be repurposed, saving tons of time and mental effort. Testing on different operating systems and devices just got a whole lot easier! Plus, this frees up the engineering team to engage in more complex, challenging projects to add business value to the organization.

Huge money saver

Automated test scripts require a smaller team to troubleshoot and monitor for script failures. It can play into many business units and project management areas throughout the company, and offer additional savings and benefits if executed correctly. Most tech budgets are directed towards dealing with post-deployment issues; something automated software testing can help prevent. When executives and PM’s develop plans, they forecast perfection, which is unattainable because of unnecessary SW bugs. Automated testing is a reliable constant from project-to-project.

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