Coding Rule Test Check

Software Needs

Compliance with Coding Rules

Code Rules inspection of Mission Critical software

Increasing productivity by automatically checking coding rules through automation testing



Inspecting coding rules which shall be complied with by domains automatically

  • Vehicle MISRA C/C++ (International standard coding rules for self-contained system for vehicles)

  • Railroad IEC 62279 / EN 50128 (International standard guideline for train control system software)

  • Nuclear Power IEC 60880 (International Nuclear Power Stability Standard)

  • Aviation DO-178C (International standard coding rules for FAA aviation self-contained system), JSF

  • Security CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration), CERT Secure Coding Standards

  • Electricity/Electronics IEC 61508 (International standard guideline for electricity/electronics system software)

  • Others Naming and custom coding style guidelines




  • Performance· Quick analysis time, precise detection results, reducing the time to modify violations by an automatic modification function 

  • Quick Set Up· Easy configuration, project linkage among Suresoft CODESCROLL products 

  • Customizing· Developing the rules customized for customers (to be discussed separately)


  • International Certification· Cert. from TÜV Rheinland · Providing Tool Qualification · CWE Compatible Tool 

  • Usability· Linkage with DevOps(issue management and continuous integration) · Self-contained source code editor · Providing a variety of report forms

  • Flexibility· Responding to requirement of a domain quickly

  • Applications· More than 100 clients applied · Vehicle, national defense, railroad, nuclear power, finance, communication


  • A function ignoring violation against the legacy code

  • Automatic modification of violations of the source code that would have been modified by a person → increasing productivity by more than 20%

  • Checking the detected violation results

  • Providing software quality metric and a variety of visualized information

  • “Shift Left” tool that eliminates errors early and often