Runtime Error Detection Tool


Detection and Elimination of Runtime Errors

Errors that occur during operating programs → Malfunction and performance degradation, system rebooting, stop


Solutions by SNIPER

Runtime error detection tool for Mission Critical System

Detectable fault (runtime error) type

Major Functions of SNIPER

  • Classifying detected faults by reliability

  • Fault reliability: a possibility that detected faults are actual errors

  • Possible to discern faults that are to be identified first

  • Shortcut to symbol (function or variable) definition

    • Possible to check the information on diverse symbols (function or variable) at the source code editor

    • Possible to modify faults without a separate editor

  • Providing additional information to track down causes of faults

    • Providing fault event information that can track down causes of faults

    • Fault events: source code location, variables, status of memory etc.

  • Analysis option: Selecting options according to the subject software and analysis environment

    • Selecting a proper option according to complexity of the subject software or the specification of a PC that performs the analysis

    • Analysis option preset: a balanced analysis, a simple analysis, a quick analysis, low specification analysis, a precise analysis




  • Memory Error Detection· Detecting wrong memory errors

  • Quick Set Up· Easy configuration, project linkage among Suresoft CODESCROLL products

  • Customizing· Developing the rules customized for customers (to be discussed separately)


  • International Certification· Cert. from TÜV Rheinland · Providing Tool Qualification · CWE Compatible Tool

  • Usability· Linkage with DevOps(issue management and continuous integration) · Self-contained source code editor · Providing a variety of report forms


SNIPER Benefits

  • Ease of detecting potential errors

  • Removing security vulnerabilities: Increasing Secure Coding Practices

  • “Shift Left” tool that eliminates errors early and often