Model Dynamic Verification Tool


Mission Critical domain requires certification on safety and reliability.

The structural coverage target shall be achieved through a test.

A test is required for consistency between a model and codes.



Automatic creation of test case

Automatic creation of a test case by the unit of a system or a subsystem

Supporting creation of pairwise data (reflecting data type and max./min. value)

Extracting calibration data –Applied upon testing by extracting variables that a model refers to and creating them into calibration data

Easy test case edition

Supporting an editor in a type of Excel within the tool, and setting a type and tolerance

Supporting copy/paste of a test case

Supporting a signal templet – Supporting 7 kinds of signal templets (Sine, Pulse, Triangle, Square etc.) for easy test case edition

MIL, SIL, Back-to-back test

Automatic performance of MIL, SIL, Back-to-back test

Supporting Back-to-back test to verify consistency between models and codes as well as MIL, SIL simulation

Model Coverage Measurement

Measuring Branch, Condition, MC/DC, Subsystem, Lookup Table, State coverage

Displaying coverage on the model through linkage between the tool and models → Checking the model and coverage simultaneously

Utilization of Test Case

Bringing real vehicle data –Creating a test case easily by analyzing real vehicle data in the form of mdf

Bringing results of a test case – Supporting Regression Test by creating a test case from utilizing previous test case results

Sharing test cases – Easy sharing since test cases are in a type of Excel




  • Responsibility· Domestic unique model dynamic verification tool

  • Performance· Quick analysis speed and test case creation

  • Quick Set Up· Convenient edition and management of test cases

  • Customizing· Realizing customers’ own reports (to be discussed separately)


  • Tool Quality· Convenient linkage between the tool and models · 6 kinds of coverage measurement

  • Easy configuration· Supporting bringing real vehicle data · Automatic extracting of model data

  • Korean Version of Tool· Improving understanding on modeling rules · Improving understanding on the tool

  • Flexibility· Experiences in development and supply for 16 years · Responding to requirements of customers quickly



  • Ease of detecting potential errors

  • Removing security vulnerabilities: Increasing Secure Coding Practices

  • “Shift Left” tool that eliminates errors early and often