Automated Test Coverage Measurement Tool


Solution by COVER

Check whether a test is performed or not

Managing whether a test is performed or not based on sources

  1. Displaying coverage values with diverse units such as projects, modules, sources and functions etc.

  2. Displaying to see easily whether each source line is performed or not.

  3. Providing the entire status by collecting distributed test performances automatically

  4. Possible to measure coverage regardless of the type of tests such as screen/layout etc.

  5. Providing 10 kinds of coverage according to the purpose such as functions, statement, branch coverage, MC/DC etc. by one measurement


Test Progress by Tasks

Providing information in the perspective of a project manager

Possible to check the coverage status and the history of changes by organizations and tasks

Providing diverse charts and reports


Measurement Automation

Relieving repulsion against introduction of a quality management tool

Preparation for coverage measurement is completed only by designating a compiler.

Automatic renewal by detecting the end of performance on the subject to measure coverage → Any change of development process for coverage application is not required.

Checking the ratio of test performance quantitatively
by minimum efforts of a user


Tracking/Management of Forms

Flexibility that does not create any problem even with frequent changes of forms

The changes of forms that occur during development necessarily cause degradation of coverage.

It is induced so that only distinguishing the subject to be retested is tested through diverse policies maintaining coverage.

▶ Possible to retain the coverage target value by retesting only variation factors* Providing the changed coverage additionally that only factors which the forms are recently changed are selected




  • Automation· Possible to measure coverage without changing the development process (minimization of intervention of user)

  • Management· Managing test results by accumulation, checking the whole coverage information on the web

  • Focus· Providing changed functions/line coverage with high availability by discerning functions/lines that are recently changed

  • Customizing· Possible to provide the total of coverage by organizations/tasks of a customer and customized reports (to be discussed separately)


  • Performance· Minimized performance overhead which is 10% or so · The history of numerous applications of the large-scaled development system

  • Maintenance· Domestic unique coverage measurement tool that was developed on its own · Quick solution of problems due to direct technical supports

  • Flexibility· Providing web-based result screen · Organizing a tool optimized for distributed server environment· Possible to respond to complicated environment of large-scaled development systems

  • Applications· The whole company’s standard quality measurement tool for the domestically largest financial IT company· Utilized in numerous financial next generation projects · Embedded targets of vehicles/national defense domains are applied and expanded