Fault Injection Test Automation Tool


Based on ISO26262, an injection test of faults higher than ASIL B is required (ISO26262-4, 4, 6)

A case of compensation related to failure of Toyota ETCS1 → The correlation between SW fault and failure of a controller was proved by an experiment


Solution by FIT

Fault injection test automation tool (controller Fail Safe function verification)

An artificial fault is injected into a controller and monitoring if the controller is recovered normally




  • First· The firstly developed fault injection test automation tool in the world

  • Performance· Automatic performance of a test and possible to output the result reports by a few clicks → efficiency of test works

  • Quick Set Up· Providing automatic analysis on controller SW structure information, automatic creation of test scenarios (presenting 12 types of faults that possibly occur)

  • Customizing· Owning our own technology related to the fault injection test, possible to provide customized functions for each customer (to be discussed separately)


  • Level improvement compared to ISO26262 – Fault Injection Test

  • Establishing infrastructure to verify controller error
    recovery mechanism prepared for abnormal situations

  • Available for a fault injection test with diverse types and causes

  • Expanding the range of testing to BSW without modifying codes

  • Reducing costs and time according to automation of a fault injection test

  • Establishing proactive response strategies for the fault discovery process